The StorePod


  • StorePod Materials

    We use Chromadek® sheet steel for unrivalled durability
    heat resistance and its exceptionally colour-fast appearance.

  • Moisture Protection

    The baseplate is coated with rust resistant primer
    to prevent damp rise, ensuring structural integrity.

  • StorePod Height

    The adjustable stands ensure a stable and level installation and the
    enlarged feet dissipates the load over the ground surface

  • Storage with Visual Appeal

    StorePod storage units are professionally coated
    with high-quality, gloss enamel paint,
    ensuring longevity and a non-ugly storage on your doorstep.

  • Keeping Stored Items Covered

    The double roof provides additional protection against
    the African Sun providing natural climate control inside each StorePod

  • Storage Unit Airflow

    StorePods are energy efficient design
    requires no artificial ventilation

  • Pest Proof Storage

    A physical rodent barrier keeps out
    the critters and safeguards stored contents

  • Maximum Stored Load

    The floor is load-bearing and made of commercial-grade shutter-ply.
    To prevent swelling and rot, it is treated with Silkwood Sealer,
    an environmentally friendly product with a reputation for longevity

3.6 ㎡      7.2 ㎡     10.8 ㎡ 14.4 ㎡

Modular Storage design

Rugged Storage Units

StorePod is an easily accessible, on-site, do-it-yourself storage solution. It provides safe, secure and custom storage when and where it is needed.

Manufactured to the highest standards, using high-grade, long-lasting materials, making it able to endure our harsh environment.

Store Pods' modular design makes it scalable to address all your storage requirements.


Storage Unit Installation

Pre-installation requirements

We recommend setting StorePods onto a concrete base
or using bricks as support base to prevent sinking into soft soil.
Minimal ground work is required, leaving the installed area unaffected.

Safe Storage

StorePods require no infrastructure and feature no power supplies
in the units in compliance with fire regulations.

Installation Permanence

StorePods require no permanent foundations
minimising it's footprint on the environment and
making them ideal for use in leased or rented property. 

Terms of Use

Using StorePods outside of the recommended use will limit Storage Pod's
liability in the event of damage to stored contents.




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